About the Inner Magic Academy

We aim to teach the things that aren't taught in traditional schools, yet are SO IMPORTANT to living a happy, healthy, and exceptional life here on earth.

Through coaching programs, online courses, video trainings, and intuitive readings, we'll guide you through the transformational process of healing and living by design.

What does this look like?

Well for starters, you'll learn about how the mind and body work, how you can reprogram your mind and eliminate limiting beliefs, and how you can heal yourself without relying on doctors or medication.

Then, using principles of life design in conjunction with astrology and your own unique human design, you will discover what your gifts and strengths are, how you're designed to operate, what you were put on this earth to do, and how you can utilize all of this to create the life your soul came here to live.

About Lindsay

Head of Operations + Human Design Specialist

Lindsay was born in small-town Connecticut, spent her 20's living in NYC, and then ditched the 9-5 life and moved to Australia just before turning 30 (hello, Saturn return!). 

In true manifesting generator form, she's worn numerous different hats in this lifetime, including investment banking analyst, website designer, marketing operations manager, wedding photographer, SEO freelancer, and travel blogger

These days, she's most passionate about helping others know themselves, embrace who they are, and live their best life.

Lindsay mainly works behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly, from operations to tech to marketing.


Fun Facts

Human Design: 1/3 sacral manifesting generator

Signs: Aquarius sun + Cancer moon + Leo rising

Enneagram: 1 or 5

Coffee > Tea

Beaches > Everything

Loves: road trips, islands, murder mysteries, photography, pilates reformer

About Pete

Coach + Spiritual Teacher + Intuitive Healer

Pete was born and raised in Canberra, Australia, where he spent the first 33 years of his life battling anxiety, depression, and addiction and healing from the trauma of being abandoned by his father at a young age.

After overcoming all of that, it became very clear to him that his mission in life is to help others heal themselves, just as he did.

Pete is the main face of the business, working directly with people as a coach, teacher, and healer. 

His favorite topics include inner child work, intuition, the ego, and trauma responses.

Fun Facts

Human Design: 3/5 emotional manifesting generator

Signs: Leo sun + Pisces moon

Enneagram: 2

Tea > Coffee

Beaches > Mountains

Bath > Shower

Loves: soccer, astrology, animals, waterfalls, spontaneous adventures


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