Heal Your Inner Child

6 Week 1:1 Coaching Program

Heal Your Inner Child is an online program that teaches you everything you need to know about the mind-body-spirit connection, including how to:

  • Unlearn conditioned patterns + break karmic cycles carried through family lineage
  • Break free from limiting beliefs
  • Heal from childhood trauma
  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Release difficult emotions from the past

... so that you can live life more in the flow and at peace within yourself + feel more connected to your own intuition.


Coming Soon

1:1 Coaching

For anyone seeking 1:1 coaching outside of a structured program, we offer one-off sessions as well as packages.

All coaching calls are 1 hour with Pete, and can focus on a topic of your choice (e.g. work/business, relationships, health, purpose).

Book 1 Session for $149
Book 3 Sessions for $399 + SAVE $48
Book 5 Sessions for $599 + SAVE $146