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We help people heal, know, and love themselves so that they can create the life their soul came here to live.

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We help people heal, know, and love themselves so that they can create the life their soul came here to live.

What is Inner Magic?

Lindsay + Pete founded the Inner Magic Academy in late 2021.

We believe that everyone has an inner magic, and we're committed to helping you find yours + harness it so that you can live the most aligned and joy-filled life possible.

The truth is, you were born for a reason and you're here on earth to accomplish big things. Unfortunately, societal and family conditioning keep most people from fulfilling their purpose; it keeps us stuck, misaligned, and suffering.

The good news is, there is a way out: through deconditioning and remembering who you are.

The Inner Magic Academy is all about healing from past trauma (which we ALL have), discovering your inner magic, and creating the life of your wildest dreams. 

In our practice, we blend modern science with ancient wisdom - the practical with the spiritual. We teach you what we wish they'd taught us in school.

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Work 1:1 with us for extra support on your healing + growth journey.


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We offer a range of digital courses, masterclasses, and other trainings.


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Gain clarity + guidance with an intuitive card reading.


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About us

Pete + Lindsay are the souls behind Inner Magic Academy.

Pete is passionate about helping others heal, overcome trauma, and connect to their intuition. He leads coaching sessions and intuitive readings + is the one behind most of our written content.

Lindsay is obsessed with helping others know themselves better + empowering them to be their true unique self and live their best life. She is our course creator and tech expert + the one behind most of our visual content.

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