What REALLY Creates Disease

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Most of us were born into this world disease free, meaning we had full use of all of our organs and bodily functions without any issues. There are, of course, some people who were less fortunate... but in most circumstances, a baby is born disease-free.

If that’s the case, then statistically, why does 95% of the world's population struggle with health problems?

It’s because the mind unconsciously programs your body as a child. It internalizes the energy through the experience of bodily sensations, which leaves behind an energetic imprint on your nervous system, creating an internal program that feeds the body the same hormones of stress. This being your brain's way to provoke a pre-meditated unconscious response. 

Regular patterns of stress up-regulate your genes for disease and down-regulate your genes for health.

Your core stressors determine the level of internal dysregulation, and these are heavily influenced through your environment and those around you. Those around you also carry their own internal programs and it’s through their vibration that you feel that energy, impacting you on a subconscious level. Put simply, stress can turn on any disease genes you might have.


Your body can’t digest food, fight off infections, or conserve its energy when it’s riddled with the hormones of stress, and that stress only exists because the mind keeps feeding it through those internal programs, or through the processed or genetically modified food and fluoride water you consume that causes inflammation internally. 

Most people continue to struggle with health problems because they unconsciously look for an easy fix, or a bandaid solution. That’s why western medicine and big Pharma exist, to keep profiting off our collective suffering. 

It’s through our lack of knowledge and awareness of self that we see no way out of what we’re in, and how could we when the public education system isn’t aligned with a holistic route or approach to health. 

Given how rapidly technology is growing, why haven’t the public health and schooling systems changed or evolved with it? 

It’s quite simple, we aren’t educated on how to self-regulate, or understand who we truly are from the mind-body-spirit connection. That’s alarming enough to know there’s something they don’t want us to know or find out within ourselves and through our genetics. 


Neuroscientists like Dr Joe Dispenza have already proven through neuroplasticity that our brains have the ability to be rewired using the power of our own consciousness. This means that we have the ability to turn genes on or off with thoughts alone!

The same energy source that created you can heal your body too, because your consciousness programs your mind and your mind programs your body. 

Your body may keep the score, but you are the one who has the power to create change from the inside-out. 

You have the power to epigenetically signal new genes in new ways, down-regulate your genes for disease, and up-regulate your genes for health. 

The best way to do this? Minimize stress and think better thoughts!

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