Ego vs. Inner Child: What's The Difference? ego inner child
Lives in your mind
Lives in your body
A hard-wired record of the past
Where this record is stored
Protects your inner child
Hides behind your ego
The masked version of yourself
The scared, wounded version of yourself
Creates stories to suppress your inner child's...
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Ego vs. Higher Self: What's The Difference? ego

What is your ego?

Your ego lives in the subconscious part of your mind, the part that runs on autopilot. Every memory and experience in your entire lifetime exists in this space, therefore your ego self is basing every decision out of fear of past experiences.

The ego’s only objective is to...

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What Is The Ego? (+ Is It Bad?) ego
Your ego is the constructed self - it’s your identity based on how you see yourself in the external world. Your ego lives in the subconscious, the part of your mind that operates on autopilot, like a computer program.

The ego is what most people label as your personality because it...
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Are You Putting Trust In Your Ego? ego emotions

The ego is not your best friend. It does not have your back, it isn’t being honest with you, and it will continue to manipulate you in order to keep you in a familiar space or environment. 

The ego is always watching for threats outside of the known, so it will attempt to take your...

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