Love Your Parts

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As human beings, we crave love and connection. We have a deep need to be seen, heard, and understood by those around us.


The moment we didn’t receive these things as children is the moment parts of us believed they weren’t good enough as they were, or feared for their own safety. So they began to hide behind a mask and play unconscious roles that formed an identity and persona based on the conditional environment and people around them.


These unconscious roles required those parts to look at ways of getting their needs met externally, believing they could control how they felt about themselves and the perception of others by trying to control other people or the environment.

Unfortunately all that did was keep those parts in an energetic prison, where they are a vibrational match for the current relationships and circumstances in your life. 


When you pay close attention to your own experience of life, other people are simply reflecting parts of self.


In fact, it’s the illusion of control that keeps parts of yourself caught up in that internal energetic prison, and that energetic prison is what the body holds onto vibrationally through your unconscious mind.


As someone who grew up without a father, and in an environment featuring alcoholism and domestic violence, there’s been a lot of roles parts of me have been playing unconsciously. I wasn’t even aware of the extent abandonment had affected those parts of me, and for 30+ years of my life I had been neglecting myself and doing everything but being present with and loving my parts unconditionally.

It wasn’t until my spiritual awakening back in 2020 that light began to shine on those unconscious parts, or shadow parts of me. Since then, I’ve been doing everything possible to uncover more and gain more awareness of self, so that I can start healing my parts.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the courage to open my heart to those parts of me, knowing full well that the only way to heal is to move through and ultimately release that familiar feeling of abandonment.


How did I get there?


I discovered the truth of who we truly are, the downloads I was receiving through my being, and the knowledge that was coming through from my soul, and that combined with the knowledge of quantum physics has completely changed how I view myself, others, and the world around me.


In fact, quantum physics has already proven that everything in the universe is energy, including us. We are ALL energetic beings having a temporary human experience. Meaning, our mind and matter are intimately connected and it’s impossible to separate the two. Matter has a mind and mind is matter, and you cannot pull them apart.


This means that we are ALL interconnected through one universal mind or consciousness (you can call that god, the universe, or source).


What you see outside of you doesn’t exist in the way you perceive it. Meaning, there is no separation between your own consciousness and somebody else’s. You do, however, have your own unconscious mind, and that mind is programmable.


You were programmed as a child unconsciously, and those are the parts that play those unconscious roles in your relationships today.


So the challenge for all of us is to gain a stronger awareness and sense of ourselves, using the conscious mind to see the parts of ourself through the reflection of others, and learning to understand and meet the needs of those parts consciously.


When we have a strong sense of self, we can better communicate what we need from those relationships in our life. Open communication without projecting parts through hurt and pain expands our hearts and sends a signal out to the universe that we are ready to receive that love back unconditionally. Those who don’t align to that will naturally drift away from us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t love and accept everyone for where they are on their journey.


Your consciousness programs your mind and your mind programs your body. You hold the power to free those parts of yourself from that internal energetic prison.


You are already worthy, whole, and complete. It’s about shifting your focus to your internal world and learning to love your parts just as they are. 


Love your parts like the divine loves you!

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