6 Steps To Healing Generational Trauma

healing generational trauma

Most of us can trace our ancestry back to grandparents or great-grandparents immigrating in hope of a better life for themselves and their children. In my case, my grandparents from both sides of the family decided to move to Australia in the 1960’s to escape poverty and political injustice in Croatia.

Moving to a completely new country has its challenges, add to that the stress of it all and trying to survive in a completely new environment.

Fast forward a couple of generations and people are still struggling to shift out of that survival mindset. We only know what our parents have familiarised us with, so if they haven’t overcome the emotions of their past, generational trauma continues to be carried down to us.


The human mind is all about familiarity, it craves certainty. Anytime we try to fight the ego we just reactivate the stress response of fight-flight-freeze.

There’s no coincidences here because we have been conditioned to compete against each other and fight for limited resources in a society that’s set up to benefit ego-minded individuals with power and greed.

It’s time for each of us individually to take a stand and regain our own power back, and fighting isn’t the answer.

You must be willing to let go of your need to control things because that’s a trait of the ego, and as long as you believe your future is created within a controlled space or environment, your reality will not change.


The way to gain your power back and heal yourself from generational trauma is to learn how to return to the body. This requires you to surrender and trust in the unknown.

Although it’s confronting and/or terrifying for you to take that leap, having faith rather than fear in the unknown, and holding trust within your body will move you into the future, not keep you anchored to the familiarity of your past.

Here are the 6 steps to healing generational trauma:

Step 1 – set boundaries

Create an environment where you are able to process your own emotions freely + without distraction or influence from other emotional energies.

Make personal sacrifices to create a healthy healing environment for you to let go and grow in.

Step 2 – forgive

Forgive your parents/ guardians for any heartache, pain or suffering you have endured in the past.

Forgiveness will set you free from repeating the lessons they didn’t learn from.

Step 3 – accept

Accept yourself and your current reality, and know that you are already lovable and enough just as you are.

Loving on yourself sends a signal of acceptance to the body and your inner child.

Step 4 – nurture

Have compassion for everything you have endured in the past, and hold enough space to love + nurture your inner child.

Being gentle on yourself and not beating yourself up sends a signal to the body and your inner child that they are being seen and heard by you.

Step 5 – observe

Set new healthy emotional boundaries with your inner child and then create enough space to observe their behaviour from afar.

You are changing the narrative of the story any time one of these new boundaries is violated.

Step 6 – practice

Practice daily rituals to support the nervous system and your body’s natural rhythm + energy flow.

Incorporating meditation, breath-work, exercise, journaling prompts, and time out in nature into your daily routine creates self discipline and inner peace.

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