Why Put Labels On Mental Health?

mental health labels

We are brought up in a society that puts labels on everything. When it comes to mental health we are conditioned to believe that there’s mental illness, therefore people who become a certain way because of a genetic disposition.

Here’s the honest truth:

These are the people who are the most resilient, determined and caring souls on the planet. They have had to adapt to harsh environments. Environments that were confronting, painful, confusing and/or even toxic to them. They had no choice but to adapt their behaviours in order to survive and fit in. This is a pattern their mind and body would then become familiar with.


What’s the benefit of putting a label on someone’s suffering?

There is none.



Instead of providing some clarity for someone experiencing emotional suffering, it creates a meaning, therefore attachment, and that becomes a new identity for someone. As long as someone continues to live with the belief that they are the label of something they will always be attached to it.

I was once someone who was told I had GAD, PTSD, OCD, Agoraphobia, social anxiety, panic disorder and depression. These are all labels I’m no longer attached to. They are not part of my identity today.

The reason I have been able to go down the path of healing is because I made the choice to let go of the trauma that wasn’t mine to keep. I’m no longer that child who needs to shield himself from constant threats, compete for limited resources, or fight for the love of others to know I’m good enough.

This is a message to all of those brave souls out there fighting silent battles:

Never lose hope. You have the power to heal yourself.


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