Are You Putting Trust In Your Ego?

trust your ego

The ego is not your best friend. It does not have your back, it isn’t being honest with you, and it will continue to manipulate you in order to keep you in a familiar space or environment. 

The ego is always watching for threats outside of the known, so it will attempt to take your focus outside of the present moment and into a future that you don’t want. It will also use experiences from the past to activate your emotions in an attempt to tame your will and curiosity for exploring the unknown.

The underlying message here is that the ego wants to control your reality. 

If your reality isn’t where you would like it to be, it’s time to open up your eyes and become aware that you have been putting your trust in the wrong place.


When you put trust in the ego you remain disconnected from the body and your emotions.

If you have a dysregulated nervous system it’s because your body isn’t feeling the love and trust from you. This is when you experience emotional overwhelm and remain in a low vibe state in either fight-flight-freeze mode.

If you try to outfight your ego its a battle you will lose 100% of the time. Overcoming the ego is not about gaining control and it never has been. You must be willing to surrender and trust in the unknown.

The only way to start regulating your nervous system to a more calm and relaxed state is to return to the body. That means placing trust back into your body and building a rapport with your inner child self.


Practicing daily rituals such a breath-work, meditation, journaling, affirmations, and incorporating healthy eating habits, and daily movement and exercise can really start to shift your body into the future, and out of the familiarity of the past.

When your inner child feels safe and secure, the body will start to release suppressed emotions, thus giving you a chance to heal and overcome the emotions of your past.

When you start living life from this space you are no longer being held captive to the seductive approach of the ego. This is where you have your power back and become more connected to your core identity, being your natural essence and the purest part of who you are.

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