7 Tips For Setting Healthy Boundaries

setting boundaries

Setting boundaries has been the most challenging thing I’ve had to do since beginning my personal transformation over a year ago.

For someone who was once a people pleaser, I never set limits for myself. In order to restore balance, healing my inner child from that feeling of abandonment by my father all those years ago has been crucial for me, because that memory was showing up as guilt, that I could no longer be there as much as I once was for those people closest to me.


When I accepted the expectation was created by me, that I was solely responsible to set a new limit in those relationships, that’s when everything changed.

When I began to create enough space, to feel safe and have the FREEDOM to EXPRESS MY BELIEFS and FEELINGS, I was allowing myself to show up with 100% AUTHENTICITY in life.


Here are my TOP 7 TIPS FOR SETTING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. They have helped me navigate my way through setting new limits for myself.

1. Practice setting boundaries on the relationships that feel safer to do so, the ones that have a bit of distance or don’t feel as threatening.

2. When communicating it, make it clear that you’re setting the intention for the relationship to succeed in the long run, because you feel you aren’t showing up for yourself with 100% authenticity.

3. Stand your ground, despite their reaction. The other person may be feeling a sense of abandonment. At this point, give them space and then approach them again. Repeat tip #2.

4. In the relationships where you feel anger or resentment towards someone, it may be helpful to plan what you would like to say by writing it down first.

5. Find the right time. Only set boundaries when both parties are present. If either of you are distracted or reactive, chances are the message won’t be seen or heard.

6. If the other person isn’t being supportive or is shutting you out, it may be best to create more space, or even take a break from seeing them for a while.

7. NEVER PERSONALISE YOUR EMOTIONS, it’s not about you. As long as you come from a place of love, whilst being 100% authentically you, that will set the intention for a healthy relationship.

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