What Is The Ego? (+ Is It Bad?)

Your ego is the constructed self - it’s your identity based on how you see yourself in the external world. Your ego lives in the subconscious, the part of your mind that operates on autopilot, like a computer program.

The ego is what most people label as your personality because it identifies with traits, habits and beliefs, constructing hard wired connections in your subconscious mind.

You are born unconditioned, but during your formative years you’re conditioned by those closest to you. This is when your ego began to construct an identity based on the traits, habits and beliefs of your parents/guardians, which are heavily influenced by the conditioning of society.


Everything outside of you is out of your control, therefore your ego can’t control it, it can only react to it. Your ego will do whatever it takes to defend your constructed identity. It does so because it believes it’s ensuring your survival. It will keep you thinking and feeling in familiar cycles because it can predict the outcome, keeping your identity intact.

Your ego is simply a misunderstood friend who needs intentional guidance from you.

Think of a moment when you lost something or someone in your life, whether it’s a job, house, possessions, a relationship, or a loved one. In these moments, you may have lost a sense of identity - but they’re also an opportunity for us to go within and remember who we are.

The truth is, there’s nothing you need outside of yourself to know who you are at a core level. It’s already embedded deep within you, buried under the layers of conditioning.

You must peel back these layers and remember who you are in order to create the life of your dreams.


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Here are a few quick facts about the ego:


The ego lives in your subconscious mind

This means you are largely unaware of how it runs your life (which it does 95% of the time!).

The ego is your identity

It's how you see yourself, and includes your personality traits, beliefs, and habits.

The ego is conditioned during childhood

You didn't choose your values or beliefs; they were unconsciously impressed upon you by your caregivers and society.

The ego wants to keep you safe

It protects you from any threats in your environment, including threats to your identity. One way it does so is by making up stories that aren't true.

Your job is to detach from your ego

When you get triggered, ask yourself what your ego made the situation mean and remember that it was only trying to protect you. Then you decide to give it a new meaning.

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