What is your Higher Self? (+ How to Connect With it)

what is higher self

Your higher self is your pure consciousness, existing only in the present moment. It’s you without the constructed identity, unattached and unconditioned by external forces.

Your higher self is your internal guide. It knows exactly why you chose to be here and the mission/ purpose and life lessons you came here to experience. It’s consistently trying to encourage and steer you in the direction of your highest potential and timeline. It already knows what you need in any given moment and it will never lead you astray.

You were born with an innate intuition and were filled with only love, joy, peace, and gratitude for the gift of life.

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During your formative years, you began to disconnect from your own intuition through the conditioning of society. This is when you stopped trusting in your own feeling and intuition and looked to guidance from the external. That’s when you began to feel disempowered in life.

As a child, you had no choice - you were indoctrinated into a society that conditions the human collective to trust and hold faith in something outside of themselves.

Trusting in your higher self means trusting and holding faith in internal guidance, rather than always looking externally. This is the journey back home into your body, back to your true authentic self.

Listening to your higher self is how to reclaim your sovereignty. This is only possible when you learn to navigate life using your own feeling and intuition. That means sitting in the discomfort of your emotions and processing and letting go of the stories/narratives that have held power over you.


Your higher self lives in your conscious mind

Since we're only conscious 5% of the time, it means we're usually unaware of our higher self + what it's trying to tell us.

Your higher self is the most pure + true version of you.

It's you without the constructed identity (ego), unattached + unconditioned by external influences.

Your higher self is your internal guide.

It knows what's best for you + is always steering you in the direction of your highest potential.

Your higher self communicates with you through intuition.

This includes dreams, signs, tarot cards, prayer, meditation, + your imagination.


Your higher self doesn't care about time or timelines.

It exists in a higher realm, outside of the 3D world, where there's no such thing as linear time. Instead, it uses divine timing, giving you what you need at exactly the right time.


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