5 BIG lessons we've learned so far in our 30's

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Do you ever get self-reflective before your birthday?

I (Pete) am coming up on my 36th birthday and have found myself reflecting lately on what a ride my 30's have been so far.

I've learned more in the past 5 years than I did in my first 30 - is that crazy or what?!

So I thought I'd share the 5 biggest lessons I've learned in my 30's so far:

1. UNLEARNING is the key to growth.

Sure, learning is great - but unlearning is better.

All of us have been conditioned by our parents, peers, and society, often not in the best ways.

So our task as adults is to become aware of all the thought and behavior patterns we hold that don't actually serve us, decide to change them, and decondition ourselves.

2. You have the ability to heal your body from ANYTHING through your own consciousness.

You don't need anything outside of yourself to heal. Medication is a bandaid, it will NOT stop the source of the problem. It's a temporary solution that keeps you reliant and addicted to something outside of yourself. 

The fact is, your body is designed to heal itself, but it’s unable to do so if your focus and awareness is in the external world worrying about all of the things that are out of your control.

That’s why it’s important to bring your focus and awareness back into feeling presently in your body. This is where you can move through and release what your body has been holding onto energetically from the past, that are a direct result of your experiences with the external world.


3. Time does NOT exist.

Time is an illusion; a societal construct created to instill order. Without it, how would we be able to track work hours or schedule appointments?

Once you realize that time is made up, you don't need to stress about not having enough of it ;)

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4. You are NOT your experiences, you are the consciousness having the experience.

Most people struggle to let go of their past because of the stories they are still holding onto, which are all connected to past versions of themselves.

They say: "I am this way because of this experience that happened 5, 10, 20 years ago."

Remember: you are the “I” in "I am", therefore you are the one observing the experience. You are NOT the experience itself; therefore, it doesn't have to be your identity.


5. NOTHING outside of you will truly make you happy.

You can have the sports car, big house and all the shiny toys, but that will NEVER truly make you happy.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have those things - but unless you are truly fulfilled within your heart, none of those things matter and at any moment they can all be taken away from you.

Opening your heart is the key to true happiness.

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