You Might Be An Empath If...

signs you're an empath

I (Peter) spent the first 25 years of my life unaware that I was an empath.

Growing up, I was an extremely sensitive kid. I learned to suppress my emotions because as a man, it was deemed a sign of weakness. I thought the anxiety I was experiencing was normal and that others were experiencing the same feelings as me.

I had so much empathy for others, but I didn’t have empathy for myself. I never questioned why I felt this way and accepted that was just the way it was.

I struggled to say no and resorted to people pleasing tendencies because I thought I would make myself feel better if I made others happy, and they would like and accept me as well.

I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin and struggled being in large crowds because It felt extremely overwhelming, and I didn’t feel I could fit in being myself.


Growing up in a home environment with alcoholism and domestic violence, I always felt on edge and that I needed to protect myself. I did everything possible to avoid conflict because I would feel guilty if I upset anybody.

It wasn’t until I realized I was an empath in my mid 20s that I started becoming AWARE of why I felt the way I did for so many years.

When I started understanding that being an empath was actually a GIFT, and that it was through societal conditioning and childhood trauma that my inner child felt unsafe + misunderstood how to use that gift to benefit me growing up... I started to have empathy for myself and began my healing journey.

am i an empath

Signs You Might Be An Empath

✔️ You're highly sensitive

✔️ You take on other people's emotions and feel them as your own

✔️ You struggle to say no and set boundaries

✔️ You have a lot of empathy

✔️ You feel uncomfortable in crowds

✔️ You avoid conflict

✔️ You're easily overwhelmed

✔️ You often feel like you don't fit in


If everything on the above checklist resonates with you, then you’re almost definitely an empath too!

And we’ve got good news for you: we’ve just recorded a new training video just for you and other empaths called “5 Ways Empaths Can Prioritize Themselves Without Feeling Guilty” - now available to watch for free!


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